Past Events

Change Makers

During the summer of 2016 about 20 families saved their change.
We had a picnic to celebrate their success.
The families raised $1,735.34 which was used towards students' tuition.
Their change made a change! Pictured above from left to right are:
Trudy Morse, Liz Droulard, Sue Peterman, Nancy Ratajczak and Dr. Pat Ball

Pay it Forward

We believe that our students should be involved in the cost of their education and feel respect in the knowledge that their education is not a hand out – they have earned part of it. They often have the opportunity to “Pay it Forward”. This opportunity is through their sales of the bakery items they make and also the local beautiful crafts have learned. .The funds from these sales go back into the operating of the next class at the Crane Centre.

Many of our students' families pay a small amount towards their tuition. It is waived if necessary as we do not want to leave any student out of the program.